• Apache Whirr 0.7.0 Released

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    • 21 December, 2011
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    Apache Whirr 0.7.0 is now available. This release contains 56 improvements and bug fixes created by the Whirr community. This release is notable as the first since Whirr graduated from Incubation to become a Top Level Project at the Apache Software Foundation.

    What is Apache Whirr?

    Whirr is a library and a command line tool that can be used to run distributed services in the cloud. It simplifies the deployment of distributed systems on cloud infrastructure, allowing you to launch and tear-down complex cloud cluster environments with a single command.

    Supported services currently include most of the components of the Apache Hadoop stack, elasticsearch, Apache Cassandra, Voldemort and Hama. Services can be deployed to Amazon EC2 and to Rackspace Cloud.

    What’s New?

    This release is packed with new features, service improvements and bug fixes. Particular highlights include:

    Puppet & Chef

    Whirr supports both Puppet & Chef as configuration management systems. Among other things, this gives you the option to easily deploy a huge range of pre-written services created by other developers. [WHIRR-49, WHIRR-385]

    Apache Mahout as a Service

    It is clear that a lot of people are using Apache Hadoop for running machine learning algorithms. Whirr allows you to deploy both Hadoop and the Mahout client in minutes. [WHIRR-384]

    Ganglia as a Service

    Ganglia is a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems. Whirr can automatically configure monitoring, making it easy to keep track of what your cluster is doing. [WHIRR-258]

    A complete list of changes is available in the release notes.


    Thanks go to David Alves, Paul Baclace, Joris Bontje, Adrian Cole, Bruno Dumon, Alex Heneveld, Patrick Hunt, Soren Macbeth, Andrei Savu, Frank Scholten, Karel Vervaeke and Tom White for making this release happen.

    Whirr at Cloudsoft

    Cloudsoft’s mission is to bring business to the cloud. We are supporting development of Whirr because we see increasing use of complex cloud and map-reduce solutions to big-data problems, and we recognise the need for excellent tools which simplify the creation of sophisticated computing systems from flexible cloud resources.

    Andrei Savu, Software Engineer at Cloudsoft, has been actively involved with Whirr since it was in the Incubator at v0.3.0. He said: “This is a great release where we have been able to ship so many new features and improvements. Thanks are due to the awesome team that made this possible. Now work will start on 0.8.0 with exciting features like resizing existing clusters.”

    Getting Involved

    Whirr is open source and free to download. Contributors, users and visitors are always welcome on the Whirr email list. If you are using Whirr and need to tweak it to match your needs then the “How to Contribute” page details the build-test-commit-review process.

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